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What is STEAM and why do we need it?

STEAM–education is a multi-discipline approach to teaching which combines the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

The Aim of STEAM and its importance

The aim of STEAM education is to teach young people to independent and creative thinking.
In fact, you will learn the skills of the future

Why is STEAM important?


of children lose interest if they aren't in STEAM by the 5th grade

2 million

vacant STEAM jobs in the WORLD are projected by 2025

Less than 1%

of population knows how to make new technology

How does it work?



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Bionic hand

In this project, students will learn about how biomedical engineers...

Answers to frequently asked questions:

We are engaged in harmonious implementation of the STEAM component in the education system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The online platform experimentum.kz gives unique access to a huge base of STEAM projects, from handy materials, on a wide range of subjects. Each project covers specific learning objectives from the school curriculum. The recommended STEAM programs for grades 1 through 11 are listed for convenience. To increase motivation and interest in STEAM, STEAM Challenges are offered for both students and families at all (Family STEAM Challenge). Additionally, teachers and students on the platform are given access to online STEAM courses such as PBL (Project Based Learning), the STEAM course itself, 3D modeling, Microcontroller Fundamentals (Robotics), IT Entrepreneurship and Internet Safety. All of these result in a harmonious introduction of STEAM as a whole to the educational process.

The most interesting projects are those that children can make with their own hands.

We work all over Kazakhstan, and the office is located at 3/2, Momyshuly Avenue, Astana.

In completing any STEAM project offered, students learn its scientific basis, assemble and master prototypes using available technology, design the project aesthetically beautifully, and interpret and process the data obtained in the course of their work. All of this, in turn, develops students’ engineering thinking and functional literacy in general. Those who can make projects from improvised materials today, with the right materials and technology, can make more advanced and innovative projects tomorrow. In other words, STEAM prepares children for real life.

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