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Roller coaster

In this project, we are going to design a roller coaster for straw balloons. Subsections of the Model Curriculum Learning objectives 5.1 Forces and motion give examples of movementdifferent bodies at different speeds; use of qualitative characteristics when explaining speed (fast, slow);

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Lifting crane

About Course In this project, pupils will make a heavy-duty crane that solves one of mankind’s toughest problems. They will know from the crane that different volumes and weights of objects can vary according to the movement or low high lifting speed, the force expended.

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About course This project shows the connection of nature with mathematical laws on the example of bees. A hexagon is a polygon with six sides. The lesson addresses the question “Why do bees build their combs in the shape of a hexagon?”. Students also make honeycombs from various shapes and improve their understanding of the

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