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Bath bombs

In this project, students will investigate the composition of bath bombs. The pupils will also identify the properties of the substances in bath bombs. They will also make their own bath bombs according to the recipe and test them. Subsections of the Model Curriculum Learning objectives Substance types receive a new substance according to […]

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In this project, pupils will investigate the spatial properties and thermal conductivity of air. In this way, based on their knowledge and research on the thermal conductivity of air, they will make a merry-go-round that functions by means of a candle. Subsections of the Model Curriculum Learning objectives 3.2 Air characterize some properties of

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Angle types

About course In this project the students work on constructing a mathematical model of the types of angles. The project is designed to be carried out in groups, allowing pupils to develop teamwork skills. The project also involves pupils using some of their geometry skills to draw details of the model.

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