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Building a model of a seismograph and an inertial shock absorber for studying the nature of an earthquake

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Project Information

By creating this project, students will explore the nature of earthquakes and study types of tectonic plates. They will create a seismograph model and visualize the data using an Arduino. They will also learn how to create a solution to reduce earthquakes.

● copper coil

● Plastic cup 0.5l

● disposable plastic plate 20 cm in diameter

● thick thread 30 cm

● magnet round 1.5-2 cm in diameter

● coil or cylinder 1.5-2 cm in diameter, 4-5 cm long

● print template

● disposable plastic plate 30 cm in diameter

● sticks skewers 8 pcs

● pvc square 30x30 cm

● straws 4 pcs

● cardboard

● washers 20 pcs or any weighting agents

● wing bolt and nut

● ring insulated tip

Reusable materials

● 1 microcontroller (Arduino)

● 1 A-to-B USB cable for Arduino

● 1 breadboard

Set of tools

● wire stripper

● transparent tape

● ruler

● scissors

● hot glue gun

● screwdriver

● hot glue

● hot glue gun

● insulating tape