Convex lens

The title of the Project: Convex lens

Purpose of the work:

  • Obtain image with convex lens.

Practical part

Choose “Lens” to start the virtual experiment. 

This is a little instruction to the virtual experiment.

Virtual experiment.

Step 1. Choose settings at shown in the picture below.

Step 2. Put the object outside of the focal point. Describe the image. The image is inverse, real, and larger than the object. 

Step 3. Put the object onto the focal point. There is no image in this case. The rays do not focus. 

Step 4. Put the object between the focal point and the lens. Describe the image. The image is upright, virtual, and larger than the object.

Step 5. Make a conclusion.


The images from the convex lens change depending on the position relative to the focus point.