Lesson 1 Introduction to the project “Analysis of wind speed using anemometers”


  • study the wind and its types
  • study the effects caused by wind
  • build a model of an anemometer
  • mathematically calculate wind speed and visualize data using Arduino

This stage of the lesson explains the nature of wind and its classification by speed, scale and location.

You can also discuss together the influence of wind on human activity.

Group work: mini-research work to study the influence on a person.

Division into groups:

4 groups for each type of human activity

  • transport
  • energy source
  • recreation and sports
  • destructive actions

Each group recalls as many facts as possible about the influence of wind on their type of activity.

Next, students explore wind speed and its effects. Mini-research on the topic “Wind speed”

We will talk about the study of the Beaufort scale and its classification. After this, the table “Actions of wind on the Beaufort scale” is filled out and a discussion takes place.

The lesson is summarized and reflection is carried out.

  1. The Beaufort Wind Scale, https://www.rmets.org/metmatters/beaufort-wind-scale