Lesson 3 Connecting the model to Arduino

In this lesson students:

  1. assemble a sensor connection diagram
  2. connect sensors to the board
  3. write a program to display

You can start from the listener level and suggest connecting sensors to the board without a ready-made template

We connect the anemometer model to the Arduino board

  • connect one contact directly to positive 5V
  • the second contact, using a 10K resistor, is connected to the negative GND
  • We also connect the second contact to the digital pin

It is also necessary to write a program to display data from sensors

You must use a port monitor to output data

 float b=0;

  void setup() {

  pinMode(3, INPUT_PULLUP); 



void loop() {

  static unsigned long startTime = millis();

 if (millis() – startTime >= 10000) {

    Serial.print(“za 10 sek  “);


    Serial.println(” raz”);

   float a= b/10;

  float ork = 75;

  float rsm = ork *a;

  float rsmchas = rsm*3600;

  float rkmchas = rsmchas / 100000;

   Serial.print(“Skorost= “);


    while (true); 


  if (digitalRead(3) == LOW) {