Static friction 

The title of the Project: Static friction 

Purpose of the work:

  • Figure out what is static friction;
  • What is the difference between static and sliding friction.

Practical part

Choose “Friction” to start the virtual experiment. 

This is a little instruction to the virtual laboratory. 

Virtual experiment.

Step 1. Apply some force to move the body. What happens? Notice that the body doesn’t move since the friction force is the same as the applied force.

Step 2. Increase the applied force. What happens? The friction force increases as well. Why? This is called the static friction. It will be increasing until the applied force will become greater than the sliding friction force. 

Step 3. Increase the applied force with smaller increments. Notice when the body starts to move. What is the sliding friction force? 

Step 4. Make a conclusion.


The static friction is the force of friction on an object that is not moving. The static friction is applied to the resting body and the sliding friction is applied to the moving body.