Week 2

1~The teacher should ask a question to remember the previous lesson

After the students have finished developing the layout

Second job


The heart rate of an average healthy person ranges from 65 to 85 beats per minute (the number depends on age and health), but 90 beats can be considered a heart attack. As already mentioned, during sports, each of us has a faster pulse, which is considered a healthy reaction of the body, but with physical exertion there are their own heart rate norms. It is very easy to determine them-it is enough to remove a number equal to your age from 220. For example, a thirty–year-old person’s pulse during sports can reach 190 beats per minute, and a fifty-year-old – 170.

Instruction manual

Students determine how many times their heart beats in 1 minute. 

1. We determine the pulse of the right or left hand, as in the picture, touching the wrist, then, slowly, in a calm state, we take a telephone stopwatch and record how many times the heart beats in 15 seconds and multiply this number by 4

The best place to palpate the pulse is in the radial artery below the first fold of the forearm skin.

For example: 15 sec. beats 18 times.   18*4=72 

So, the heart beats 72 times in 1 minute

2. Now you need to do 15 squats (squats), after which we immediately measure the heartbeat

3. After the end of 15 squats (squats), it is necessary to measure and write in the table in 1 minute

4. In the table, you need to write down the sport that you do, or do not do at all

You can download the table by clicking on the blue link!

Heartbeat recording table

At the end of the practice, each group, both from the book and from the Internet, conducts research on how to prevent the heart and blood vessels, i.e. each group should lead 3 different ways of prevention. For example: how low is the consumption of fatty foods

Each group should include the recorded lines of prevention in their presentation defending lesson 3

After the Layout is completed and the experience is fully worked out, each group, all practices should be mounted in the microsoft power point program

The presentation should include

  1. Home page
  2. The name of the practice, the course
  3. results of the practice
  4. Additional information
  5. Conclusion

You can add to the presentation: photos, videos, a demonstration of the layout, a demonstration of the progress of the experiment